Wyndham District High School (4108)

School Overview

Wyndham District High School is nestled in the Cambridge Gulf in the most north eastern corner of Western Australia. A remote community school it is bounded by a rugged landscape of scenic beauty.

The town of Wyndham is protected by the Bastion and Cockburn Ranges which adorn breath taking views of the Five Rivers meeting. It has a colourful history dating back to 1800's. Its diverse population of approximately 800 people has evolved over time bearing the multi-cultural influences of its past. The population remains predominantly Indigenous, a melting pot of Balanggara, Mirruwung, Kidja, Djaru Kidja, Ngarrin and Woolah people, to name but a few.

The school population mirrors the diversity of the broader community and is comprised of 90 Primary students, 50 Secondary Students and 12 Post Compulsory Students.

Wyndham's 17 teaching staff members regularly participate in ongoing professional development to ensure current flexible and supportive approaches to teaching and learning are employed. As a result students benefit from the delivery of relevant, motivating and engaging educational programs.

Five very experienced AIEO's and a Youth Support Worker provide cultural consultancy within the school. They play a key role in the pastoral care of students and develop supportive partnerships between the school and community.

A range of special programs are employed by WDHS to cater for the individual needs of its student populus. These include Aboriginal Literacy Strategy, Getting It Right Literacy, NAIDOC Celebrations,100 Schools Technology, Specialised -Cultural Studies, Visual Arts, Physical and Health Education. In addition the school has embarked on a specialist media program and hosted an Artist in Residence project, which made significant impact on the aesthetic environment of the school.

Wyndham DHS addresses its geographic isolation by providing students with opportunities to perform, participate and compete in regional events providing a pathway to excellence across an array of educational disciplines. These include Croc Eisteddfod, Book Week, and regional athletics, football, basketball, and visual arts festivals in both Wyndham and the greater East Kimberley. As part of their media course upper school students attend 2 two week reidential media study blocks in Broome.

Most recently our school media project staked its claim to fame with a highly publicised visit by the 'Sunrise Weather Wagon'. The project includes a School based Community Radio Station that broadcasts to the local community with staff, students and community members taking on the role of radio presenter. The program is multi faceted and includes an audiovisual component where students develop camera and film making skills in addition to interview/presentation skills.

The media course has been an initiative in providing a positive pathway for students with the real possibility of accessing further training and employment.

WDHS aims to offer students the opportunity to engage in relevant curriculum within a supportive atmosphere whilst encouraging the community to take on an active role in the education process.