Northcliffe District High School (4094)

School Overview

Servicing the school community in the heart of the beautiful Southern Forest region, Northcliffe District High School provides excellent resourcing for students from kindergarten to year 10.

Our small student population provides the scope for a personalised approach, individualised instruction and flexible class structures. Further opportunity exists with our team of both trained and highly-experienced primary and secondary teachers who collaborate across all age-groups to the benefit of all students.

Very high levels of teacher commitment to individualised instruction, differentiated learning, whole-school planning for improvement and consistent messages across the school make for a calm, orderly learning environment. All of our staff believe each student is capable and have the drive and persistence to follow-through, ensuring that every student makes progress. This drive and persistence has led to us being renowned for turning-out successful students with measurable improvements in attitude, behaviour and effort at the end of year 10.

The school has a clear direction outlined in our school-community developed strategic plan that is fully supported by staff created operational plans. That direction is underpinned by four focus areas as follows:

1. Fulfil. NDHS students & staff experience a sense of meaning, purpose and valued contribution
2. Optimise. NDHS students and staff work to the best of their ability across all areas and situations
3. Connect. NDHS fosters unity by developing strong relationships between students, parents, community groups and individuals and other schools
4. Sustain. NDHS staff, students and school are resilient and resourceful, prepared for future challenges & opportunities

Our cultural identity is further driven by a staff who lead behaviours that show respect, demonstrate striving for excellence and the creation of belonging. By fostering a vibrant inter-connected school-community we aim to instil an understanding in every student that it's not about achieving their potential. Rather it's about learning to develop tools that enable them to tap into potential without limitations.

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