Derby District High School (4073)

School Overview

Derby District High School is located in Derby which is situated at the southern end of King Sound in the Kimberley region of Western Australian. Derby is 220km east of Broome by road and is 2463km north of Perth. It was the first town settled in the Kimberley. Derby is well supported with a range of government infrastructures. Its location near the King Sound and a number of rivers provides for many boating and fishing recreational activities - but not swimming!

Derby District High School is located in attractive and well maintained grounds and surroundings. With an enrolment of just over 500 students it provides an education program for students from Kindergarten to Year 12. Students attend the school from the town of Derby and outlying areas including the Aboriginal Communities of Mowanjum and Pandanus. Students in Years 11 and 12 have access to a range of programs leading to secondary graduation. VET programs are offered in the school and in partnership with the local TAFE campus. Subjects leading to university entrance are either delivered by school staff or through the School of Isolated and Distance Education.

With the school motto 'Diligence, Courage and Strength', students work towards high standards of academic and social achievement through participation and engagement in the school's inclusive, safe and stimulating learning environments. Many of the school's staff have been at the school for some time which creates stability for the school's programs and a knowledge of the ongoing needs and interests of the students that can be addressed in the programs. The school receives SSPRA funds which is used by the school to immerse and support students in a range of cultural, curriculum enrichment, academic extension, sporting events and camps.

School facilities includes air-conditioned classrooms, three computer laboratories, science laboratory, music room, home economics room, design and technology centre, kindergarten and pre-primary centres, library, canteen, oval and large undercover assembly and activity areas. All classrooms contain computers which are networked throughout the school and have broadband access to the internet.

Parents and local businesses willingly provide partnerships with the school to support and participate in the school's educational and recreational programs. Both the P&C and the School Council play an important and active role in the school.