Cyril Jackson Senior Campus (4015)

School Overview

Cyril Jackson Senior Campus offers a wide range of Year 11 and 12 courses. We have students ranging from 16 year olds working towards graduation to mature age students who are here following their interests. However, most of our students are between 16 to 25 years. Our student population is stable at 430-500. Cyril Jackson offers an alternative to students who wish to study senior school courses in an adult environment with an ethos of strong support. We pride ourselves on our ability to accommodate difference, our flexibility and our commitment to innovation. Students who attend campus come from all over the metropolitan area. We also offer an on-line programme. We consider ourselves to be a multi-racial, multi-age, multi-opportunity campus.

An Intensive English Centre (IEC) caters for up to 150 newly arrived migrant or refugee students for whom English is an additional language or dialect. Upon completion of the English language programme, most students enrol in Senior School courses.

The Campus has a strong academic record and we promote excellence in all areas of learning.

A number of specialist facilities support our learning programs including industry standard Hospitality rooms, an Arts House, a Recreation Centre, Library Information Centre and specialist classrooms. The campus has a wireless computer network and students have access to a sophisticated IT system. Technology is fully integrated in to the Teaching and Learning programs.

The Student Services Team is an integral part of the Campus and students have access to a range of allied health professionals. The Campus works in collaboration with over fifty government and community agencies to ensure that students are supported to achieve their educational goals. Centrelink offers a fortnightly on-site service. We have a doctor on site one afternoon per week. The Campus is proud of its safe and friendly reputation and we have policies and procedures in place to ensure that we deal effectively with bullying, aggression or any forms of harassment. In addition, 10 individual housing units are available for students who are unable to live at home.

The Campus offers an extensive range of general and ATAR courses that are prerequisites for further study and employment. Each student is interviewed on enrolment to ensure that their selected course will meet their stated goals.

The Campus delivers Certificate Courses across a range of industry areas, from Arts to Hospitality, IT and Engineering and up to Certificate IV in Music and Certificate III in Theatre/Live Production. A full list of our courses is posted on our website at

The Campus is unique in its ability to provide programs to suit each student's personal circumstances. These include on-line learning and mixed mode delivery. A flexible timetable operates which facilitates students' ability to complete a full program over two and a half days. This allows students with work, family or other commitments the capacity to study.

The CJ 11 Plus is run as a five day per week course, and acts as a bridge for those returning to study after some time away, or as a catch up for those who have not successfully completed Lower Secondary Education. The course assists students to gain the necessary academic skills and personal confidence to continue further education or training. Students may also enrol in a Transition program which provides a pathway into Senior School Courses

The Staff at Cyril Jackson Senior Campus are all very experienced in teaching the senior school curriculum and there is very low staff turnover. All staff are committed to the principles of student centred learning and working together in a collegiate and flexible manner to achieve the best possible outcome for each of the students.

Our vision is to create an innovative learning community which values integrity, inclusivity, academic rigour and lifelong learning within a supportive environment. We foster an adult ethos in which we value the individual qualities of each student promoting independent learning, creativity, personal growth and well-being.