Bunbury Senior High School (4008)

School Overview

Students at Bunbury Senior High School are provided with every opportunity to reach their academic potential. This is evident in the quality of teaching and an exceptional student services team that provides the emotional and social support that young people need in our modern world. The school strives to make schooling a safe and enjoyable experience.

The school is very progressive with a vision to improve outcomes for all students by building on the high levels of competence of the teachers and support staff. Staff monitor student progress so we can identify and apply teaching strategies which ensure all children are achieving their best. Whatever your child's age group, we have expertise to meet their learning needs.

Bunbury Senior High School is an Independent Public School and this flexibility in the way business is done enables full support of the range of special programs that are on offer in the school. These include the Bunbury Elite Sports Training (BEST) Program and the Visual Art Specialist Program (VASP).

Bunbury Senior High School was established in 1918 and is built on an impressive site on one of the city of Bunbury's highest points, Boulter's Heights. It is the fourth oldest government school in the state; thus is entrenched in history and has very loyal and strong support from a large and diverse group of former students, parents and staff.

Bunbury Senior High School is the first regional school to host the Department of Education's Gifted and Talented Program. Entry to this program is via an externally coordinated test and those student its who achieve the required benchmark are offered a place in the program.

School Vision
Inspiring self belief

Our Purpose
We are here to make our students feel inspired. Prepared, supported and motivated to live their best life with purpose.
We are here to make our parents feel confident that their child is not only prepared for the future but will also enrich society.
We are here to make our teachers feel fulfilled and given the opportunities to develop professionally and celebrated for their success.

Our Values

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