Dalmain Primary School (5703)

Local Intake Area

The local intake area for this school is displayed on the map below:

Shaded areas indicate optional local-intake areas - please refer to the map description for further details.

LIA Map - Please read this map in conjunction with any other map/s displayed to determine a Local Intake Area (LIA).
Local Intake map :
LIA map

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The following defines the local-intake area of this school:

DALMAIN PRIMARY SCHOOL (5703) (Government Gazette January 1990)

The boundary for this school is as follows:
From the intersection of the Mitchell Freeway and Hepburn Avenue, east along Hepburn Avenue to Barridale Drive, north along Barridale Drive to the alignment of the former Robertson Road, west along this alignment and its extension to the Mitchell Freeway and south along the Mitchell Freeway to Hepburn Avenue.

The boundary parts of Hepburn Avenue (north side), the Mitchell Freeway (east side), and the former alignment of Robertson Road (south side), are included within the area for Dalmain Primary School, while the boundary parts of Barridale Drive (both sides) are optional between Dalmain and Goollelal Primary School.

The local-intake area maps are based on a written description of the local-intake area (LIA) for the school as published in the WA Government Gazette.  Although the map closely represents the LIA description, for some houses near the boundary (especially on street corners), it may be necessary to refer to the written description.  The street address of a residence is used to determine whether that dwelling is inside a particular LIA.  While local-intake areas for most schools do not change from year to year, changes may be made to local-intake areas as required.  Such changes are published in the WA Government Gazette and subsequently the local-intake area map will be updated.