John Curtin College Of The Arts (4025)


School Management

School Details

Mitchell Mackay

Vice / Deputy / Associate Principals
Wayne Sibson
Travis Vladich
Fiona Tholet
Kevin Griffiths
Judy Hendrickse

Manager Corporate Services
Suzanne Rowley
Liane Hadlow
School Code:   4025
Commencement Date:   01/01/1946
Education Region:   SOUTH METRO
Local Government Area:   FREMANTLE (C)
State Electorate:   FREMANTLE
Commonwealth Electorate:   FREMANTLE
Independent Public School:   2010
School year from:   Year 7
School year to:   Year 12
Principal Level:   SHS CLASS 6
Classification Group:   SECONDARY SCHOOLS
Broad Classification:   SENIOR HIGH SCHOOLS