School Of Special Educational Needs: Sensory (6212)

School Overview

Every student reaching their full potential is our mission at the School of Special Educational Needs: Sensory.

We understand each child with a hearing loss and/or vision impairment has individual needs from the day they are born to when they finish school.

We strive to meet those needs by providing educational support for children and also supporting schools to provide fully accessible learning environments, curriculum and school communities.

Our specialist teachers are committed to supporting children in both public and non-government schools throughout Western Australia. Joining our teachers are other specialist staff such as educational audiologists, school psychologists, braille transcribers, captioning officer, deaf education officers and educational interpreters.

With facilities at Southwell Primary School and the Statewide Services Centre in Padbury, our Early Childhood Education Program sees children aged up to four years take part in activities to promote their language, cognitive, social, emotional and physical development.

We aim to equip children with the skills to successfully participate in local kindergarten programs and then their mainstream school. We also offer individual sessions with specialist teachers onsite or at home where needed. Children in rural and remote areas are able to access these sessions via web conferencing.

Our Visiting Teacher Service helps classroom teachers and school communities develop teaching and learning approaches for students. The visiting teacher may directly teach students or consult with the school, classroom teacher and parents to assess students' needs and recommend tailored ways to learn.

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