School Of Special Educational Needs: Behaviour And Engagement (6200)

School Overview

The School of Special Educational Needs: Behaviour and Engagement (SSEN:BE) provides educational support and services with schools, for students with extreme, complex, and challenging behaviours across a K-12 context. SSEN:BE is part of the network of specialist schools that operates under Statewide Services (SWS). We are one of 7 Specialist Schools forming part of the Service Delivery pillar.

We are a collaborative partner in our Specialist School Network with:

* SSEN: Disability
* SSEN: Sensory
* SSEN: Medical and Mental Health
* SALS School of Alternative Learning Settings
* IMSS Instrumental Music School Services
* SIDE School of Isolated and Distance Education

A continuum of support is delivered through 14 Engagement Centres and the Midland Learning Academy. The services of the Engagement Centres and Midland Learning Academy are coordinated through SSEN:BE which provides the administrative structure that oversees and manages these services as a statewide model of supports for schools, teachers and students. The services complement other teams working in networks, regions and schools, supporting a greater number of students across the state. Support is available across the public school system.

Engagement Centres coordinate the K-12 provision of the following 3 services:
* Professional learning to improve student engagement and behaviour
* Consultative support for schools needing additional assistance with planning for those students with very complex needs
* Direct support for school staff to assist with plan implementation and/or direct support to students as part of a planned intervention.

Mission Statement
To provide WA public schools equitable access to integrated and collaborative services, responsive to the unique needs of school communities and of students who face a range of barriers to successful school engagement.

Strategic Focus Areas
* Effective Service Delivery
* High Impact Leadership
* Purposeful Partnerships