School Of Special Educational Needs: Behaviour And Engagement (6200)

School Overview

School Photo Not Available The School of Special Educational Needs: Behaviour and Engagement (SSEN:BE) provides educational support and services for students with extreme, complex and challenging behaviours. Support is available across the public school system

Intensive support to students and consultative support to schools is delivered through 13 engagement centres and the Midland Learning Academy (the Academy). The services of the engagement centres and the Academy are coordinated through SSEN:BE, which provides the administrative structure that oversees and manages these services as a statewide model of support for schools, teachers and students.

Engagement Centres coordinate the K-12 provision of the following three services:
- Professional learning to improve student engagement and behaviour.
- Consultative support for schools needing additional advice on dealing with challenging behaviour and managing severely disengaged students and/or those with very complex needs.
- Intensive support for individual students exhibiting the most extreme, challenging and complex needs.

The Academy is a small school model designed for highly disengaged students who are no longer participating in mainstream schooling and are unlikely to reengage with mainstream schooling even with the additional support and services provided by engagement centres.

The Academy is more informal than a standard school with students having individualised learning programs based on their interests and aspirations. Teachers guide students through their program with the support of family and mentors. Learning occurs on site and also involves workplace and community engagement related to each student's learning goals.