Riverton Education Support Centre (6160)

School Overview

Riverton is an attractive residential suburb 21 kms from Perth City and 15 kms from Fremantle. It is on the eastern boundary of Fremantle / Peel Education District.

Riverton Education Support Centre was established on the Riverton Primary School site in 2003. The Centre has its own Principal, Teachers, Education Assistants and Registrar. The centre share the facilities with Riverton Primary School. The Centre currently has 20 students enroled. These students range in age from 6 to 12 years old. Students with intellectual disabilities ranging from mild to severe may enrol at the centre. Students that fall within the Autism Spectrum Disorder, require a high level of support and given permission by the District Office may also enrol at the centre.

Currently we cater for the students in three classes with specialist staff delivering quality programs over the eight learning areas. Each student has an Individual Education Plan developed in collaboration with the students' parents, school psychologist, Learning Support Coordinator, speech pathogist and other para-medical staff is so required. Each class typically has a Teacher and two Education Assistants. The level of staffing in the classrooms is dependent upon students' individual needs.

Our staffing allocation is reviewed annually and is dependent on the nature and severity of students' disabilities. Students have access to speech therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy provided by Therapy Focus. We currently contract a speech pathologist who assists us in providing appropriate communication strategies for our students.

Locally the school site is referred to as Riverton Primary Campus to reflect the dual nature of the site and the consequent wide range of programs and facilities offered. We believe we offer the 'best of both worlds' to students with disabilities. While they are taught individualised functional academics in small groups, they integrate with their peers for music, phys ed. sport, excursions and assemblies. The junior class teacher works colloaboratively with the year 1 teacher in a variety of subjects, including Big Book reading, art, news and drama. The students in the middle and senior classes (4-7) use the community as an extension of their classroom - learning real life skills such as transport training, shopping, showering, dressing and cooking. Individual students in the middle and senior class access the mainstream for art, music and physical education. They also share the same play areas at recess and lunch. Students with Special Needs usually require support in the development of their social skills. These skills they practice with their peers at break times.Our programs emphasise life skills while developing independent work habits.

Our School Vision - To ensure that our students develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to individual needs, thereby enabling them to fulfill their potential and contribute to the development of our society.