Rockingham Senior High School Education Support Centre (6099)

School Overview

At Rockingham Senior High School Education Support Centre, we pride ourselves in being able to provide quality education to all our students in an environment that is welcoming, supportive and challenging. Our programs are designed specifically to meet the individual needs of all students. The school shares the site with Rockingham Senior High School and we have adopted a collaborative approach to planning, sharing and delivering innovate experiences for all our students

Our vision is to deliver educational programs which provide our students with an opportunity to reach their potential. We ensure our curriculum has purpose and relevance to meet the needs of our students. This ensures our students become successful learners, who participate productively in the community.

Staff are committed to excellence in teaching and learning. We are accountable for and motivated to improve outcomes for all students. Growth in student achievement is always central to our decision making. We support this endeavour through the school review process by placing school self-assessment as the foundation for school improvement. At the same time our moral integrity is demonstrated through the care and development of every student by ensuring student well-being and a sense of belonging is at the forefront of our planning.

Our four priorities are designed to set conditions for successful learning for our students from the beginning of high school to their transition to adult life. We have established a strong improvement agenda, which is grounded in evidence from research and practice and expressed in terms of improvements in measurable student outcomes. A high priority is given to school wide analysis and discussion of systematically collected data on student outcomes, including academic, attendance and behavioural outcomes and student well-being. We are driven by a belief that every student is capable of successful learning.

We provide our resources in a targeted manner to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of all students. It has school wide policies, practices and programs in place to assist, identify and address student needs. We have built a school wide professional team of highly capable teachers, including teachers who take on an active leadership role beyond the classroom.

We have a coherent sequenced plan for curriculum delivery that ensures consistent teaching and learning across the year levels. We place a high priority on ensuring that in the day to day teaching, staff continue to identify and address learning needs of individual students. We recognise that highly effective teaching is the key to improving student learning throughout the school. We encourage the use of research based teaching practices in all classrooms to ensure every student is engaged, challenged and learning successfully.

Our school board plays an integral part of our review process and decision making. We seek ways to enhance student learning and well-being by partnering with parents, caregivers, families, local businesses and community organisations.

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