Belridge Secondary Education Support Centre (6091)

School Overview

Belridge Secondary Education Support Centre (BSESC) is a purpose built government Independent Public School (IPS) catering for students with special educational needs in Years 7-12. Belridge Secondary Education Support Centre is co-located with Belridge Secondary College and the two schools work alongside each other to provide the best educational opportunities and experiences for all students. Facilities such as the staff room, canteen, school oval, gymnasium, performing arts centre and the library are accessible for our students. Students are able to access specialist teaching areas within Belridge Secondary College, such as Design and Technology and Home Economics and are supported by BSESC and BSC staff. Our Education Support Centre classrooms include fourteen teaching areas, a horticulture garden, universal access toileting facilities and a recently renovated Independent Living Centre with state of the art facilities. The availability of technology for all students to access is second to none with all students being provided with an individualised iPad to use at school as well as an extensive number of computers together with smart boards in each classroom. Belridge Secondary ESC aims to develop a life-long learning approach by developing each student's level of independence in a holistic manner through the provision of a specialised curriculum that addresses their individual needs, goals and aspirations.

At Belridge Secondary Education Support Centre we are committed to maximising the educational achievement of all students, promoting acceptance and tolerance of individual differences in self and others, and encouraging open and positive communication with all stakeholders. Students are consistently given clear guidelines for appropriate behaviour at school and behaviour management strategies are implemented in a positive, rational and professional manner in collaboration with parents. Staff are encouraged to attend relevant, ongoing professional development sessions and to take an active part in decision making at the Centre.