Spencer Park Education Support Centre (6085)

School Overview

Spencer Park Education Support Centre caters to the learning, behavioural and developmental needs of students with Autism, Intellectual Disabilities, Server Mental Health and student with other exception learning needs.
We offer learning in small group settings, with an individualize education program catering specifically to social, emotional, behavioural, life skills and academic learning needs. All student IEP goals are linked to the WA Curriculum.

We are co-located on the Spencer Park Primary School campus which allows our students the unique opportunity to receive supported social inclusion that develops their skills to access the wider community with greater independence.
In addition to the individualised programs delivered by our specialist staff, your child benefits from interacting and participating in programs with their age group peers in area of high interest and capabilities.

The Early Intensive Intervention Program is a program that is specifically designed for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Global Development Delay. The program allows students to learn and achieve at the same WA Curriculum level as their peers.
The program caters for students in Kindergarten through to Pre-primary and is a two year program that facilitates students successfully transitioning into mainstream education by year 1 with greater level of independence.

Our intensive learning program uses Applied Behaviour Analysis to teach students by using positive behaviour reinforcement. The program successfully engages students in functional learning of school readiness and social skill behaviours as well as year level curriculum achievements.

Learning: Using the evidence based research for engaging students in the learning process Spencer Park Education Support Centre uses the principles of Making Learning Visible for students with Disabilities ensuring students become invested in their own learning process.

Wellbeing: Student wellbeing is key to being successful. Our Centre creates opportunities for students to learn to be safe and keep themselves well through programs such as Protective Behaviours, Rock & Water, Zones of Regulation and our Positive Behaviour Supportexpectations.

Inclusion: Working alongside Spencer Park Primary School provides opportunities for our students to experience inclusion that is tailored to the needs of the individual student based on their levels of capabilities, needs and interests.

All our staff are expertly trained to provide learning for students with a variety of needs and disabilities. Using strategies from TEACCH, Applied Behaviour Analysis and Functional Behaviour Analysis, each student receives learning that is aimed at high level of engagement and success.
Throughout the year we engage in professional learning to provide the best practice in strategies and teaching our students. We begin with understanding what the student knows and can demonstrate, and scaffold learning according to each individual student.

Every student is ensured the opportunity to be able to demonstrate their own progress, they are encouraged to accept their mistakes and know that this is their opportunity to learn something new. All of our students learn to take risks on purpose and try something new. We celebrate every child's achievement and success to build their will to develop new and exciting skills.

Our school believes that every student regardless of their level of skill or knowledge has a voice and wants to contribute to or to be able to talk about their day. Through the implementation of Alternative Augmented Communication (AAC) Devices such as PODD, Auslan & Keyword sign or technical devices with Prologu2go, we ensure every child is given a voice and is listened too.

We have expertly trained AAC teachers that provide support for implementation of effective communication for students. This includes students who may just be beginning to develop a voice through to those that need support to organise all the words in their head to tell you about their day, what they want to do or express their opinion.

Spencer Park Education Support Centre is a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) school. We have adopted the expectation for student learning behaviours of 'Be Friendly', 'Be Safe' and 'Be your Best' when at school, home or in the community. PBS behaviours are explicitly taught by our Queen Bee who helps the mischievous Lady Bug who struggles to keep herself self-regulated. Our staff use positive reinforced language and tokens to promote positive interactions and engagement.

Spencer Park Education Support Centre provides students with a high level of support ensuring best possible outcomes for every student.
With learning programs structured to meet the individual needs of students using principles of TEACCH, ABA, Explicit and Direct Instruction models and PBS, each student is encouraged to achieve at a high standard and work towards becoming independent in their learning.
Our Programs include:
* Protective Behaviours
* Hydrotherapy
* Swimming
* Augmented Alternative Communication (AAC)
* Learning through the Arts, Dance, Drama, Sing & Sign Music
* Functional Life Skills Learning
* Interactive Multi-Sensory rooms
* Drumming
* Rock and Water
* ASDAN for year 5 and 6 students
* Specialist Sporting Programs

Children attending the Centre have access to Transport Assistance through the Public Transport Authority of WA. This may consist of a conveyance allowance or access to the Education Support Bus.

For more information about our Centre, please visit https://spencerparkesc.wa.edu.au/ or call us today on (08) 6821 3050 to arrange a school tour.