Spencer Park Education Support Centre (6085)

School Overview

Your child's schooling is essential to their future. It is vital that you make an informed decision on where to send your child. These are critical years of their lives. We provide an environment for your child to thrive. They develop good self esteem. They achieve in their schooling to the best of their ability. They feel they belong.
We are an Independent Public School located on the Spencer Park Primary Campus in Albany. Our creative, vibrant Centre offers schooling for children with intellectual disabilities in Years Kindergarten (K) to 6. We can also enrol students with Global Developmental Delay (GDD) in the K and Pre - Primary (PP) years.
Plus we have an Early Intensive Intervention Program for K and PP children with Autism or GDD. This is run by very skilled staff. Much of the work is done on a 1:1 basis. The program is designed to prepare children for Year 1 at their local mainstream school.
Each child has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) developed between the Centre, primary school staff, parents and other agencies. Your child's program is set to help them to be the best they can be at their ability level. Each IEP is reviewed at least twice a year then changed to meet your child's needs.
All our teaching staff is qualified in Early Childhood Education and/or Special Education. Our teacher assistants are trained to work with children who have special needs. All staff develops skills and knowledge of sound educational and social programs through regular staff training. We are supported by a senior school psychologist.
With support our children have the benefit of working in mainstream homeroom classes two or more afternoons a week. However they may be involved with special programs such as hydrotherapy, cooking or art. Our children may attend music, sport and Phys. Ed. classes with their homeroom class. They take part in the whole campus athletic carnival, in term swimming lessons, assemblies, NAIDOC Week as well as other campus activities.
We are developing a School Wide - Positive Behaviour Support Program. Be safe, be friendly and be your best are our key focus. Social skills and good behaviour are clearly taught. Some children may have an individual behaviour management plan so that specific behaviours can be addressed with more appropriate behaviours promoted.
The community activities and recreational programs are important to the Centre's teaching and learning programs. The growth of new recreational skills helps the child participation in community activities outside of school hours. Programs include: whole school camp, horse riding, swimming at Albany Leisure and Aquatic Centre for selective students, cooking and art, shopping, fundamental movement, play to improve development, community visits and music.
TRANSPORT: Children attending the Centre have access to Transport Assistance through the Public Transport Authority of WA. This may consist of a conveyance allowance or access to the Education Support Bus.
We share a P & C and Aboriginal Parent and Carers Support Group with the primary school. We have our own school council. It is consulted about issues that affect the Centre and the children. The council has been conferred with on applying to become an Independent Public School. Meetings also discussed the marketing plan which included a website, the school budget and the school plan.
WHAT NEXT: Make an informed choice for your child. Feel free to visit the Centre by contacting us for an appointment on 6821 3050.