South Bunbury Education Support Centre (6070)

School Overview

South Bunbury ESC is a specialist setting which caters to the needs of students with diagnoses of high need Autism Spectrum Disorder or Intellectual Disabilities. With a steady student population of approximately 50 students, the school offers individualised support and attention in all areas of student development.

Within small group settings, each student has an individualised education program, which caters specifically to the needs of the individual child. This program is clearly linked with WA Curriculum in areas which are agreed priorities for each student. SBESC keeps abreast of evidence based strategies and programs, and utilises a range of these to deliver exemplary programs targeted at students achieving their potential.

SBESC is a proud School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) school, with a strong philosophy around teaching students expected behaviours, supporting them to achieve their best, and reinforcing the expected behaviours through reward systems and practices.

Our expectations are be safe; be my best; and be kind and caring. These values are taught and assessed through clear explicit teaching, with supports and structures in the environment. We strive to provide programs for every child which caters specifically to their current level, academic and social-emotional, and teach them the 'what's next for them' rather than 'what's next in the curriculum'.

In this way, we are teaching our students to celebrate their individualised success - of which there is plenty!

Our staff are highly trained in strategies which support the education of students with diagnoses of autism, including the use of applied behaviour analysis across our school. Communication supports, sensory programs and explicit teaching models are all pervasive through our school.

South Bunbury ESC shares an inclusive campus with South Bunbury PS to form the South Bunbury Primary School Campus, which allows for a balance of educational intervention with supported social inclusion. All students are offered, or are working towards, inclusion opportunities which match their current individualised needs.

Enrolment to the centre is facilitated by local mainstream schools, within the procedures of the Department of Education Enrolment Policy.

For more information, contact our school on 9721 4808 or