Dianella Secondary College Education Support Centre (6068)

School Overview

Dianella Secondary College Education Support Centre is a diverse multicultural secondary school that caters for students with disabilities from Years 7 to 13. We are located on the same site as Dianella Secondary College and Dianella College Primary School. Together, we have developed a positive relationship focused on supporting students and families.

We provide a safe and supportive learning environment, where the rights and responsibilities of the individual are recognised and respected. We encourage all students to realise their potential and inspire them to participate as responsible members of the community. We have been recognised by the local community as delivering a high calibre of education to our students.

Our educational programs focus on preparing students for transition to future employment, development of life skills required for independence, and the social and emotional development of young adults. The diverse range of programs on offer are developed and tailored to meet individual student needs.

Vocational Education and Training is one such program which enables students to develop industry specific skills through a variety of Nationally Credited Certificate Courses.

We also run Black Friday Enterprises, a program dedicated to engaging Year 10-13 students in innovative ventures in preparation for transition. It allows students to fulfil the requirements of the Certificate I in Retail and Business, assisting students in developing post-school craft skills that may enable them to start a micro-business of their own.

Workplace learning, for students in Year 10, assists in the development of skills that ensures our students are safe and successful when they go out to work experience. This program allows students to work in a 'simulated' workplace, completing either a Certificate I in Vocational Pathways or ASDAN.

STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is another program that we run school wide. STEM is designed to replicate the process that STEM professionals undertake when completing projects, encouraging and developing student resilience and problem solving - skills that are critical for their post-school life. There is a strong focus on hands-on, project-based learning, with students also having the opportunity to engage with many different digital technologies including building and coding robots and creating digital games.

Bushrangers is another program that we are proud to provide. Bushrangers allows students to take an active role in the conservation of the natural environment in their local community and the greater Perth region. Bushrangers provides practical life skills as well as leadership, teamwork and initiative skills; and promotes community responsibility and service.

We have proudly built a school where relationships are based on mutual respect and trust and where partnerships are valued. Developing strong relationships with students and parents has enhanced student learning. Parents are encouraged to take an active role in their child's education and have become an integral part in the development of educational programs.

We are proud of our students who leave our care poised to embrace new challenges in their communities.

Contact Details:
T: 9345 9272
E: Dianella.SCESC@education.wa.edu.au