Wirrabirra Education Support Centre (6062)

School Overview

Learn - Grow - Care

Wirrabirra Education Support Centre (ESC) is an independent public school collocated with Wirrabirra Primary School and together are called Wirrabirra School. The ESC caters for primary age students from Kindergarten to Year 6 with disabilities.

Our vision is to provide a learning environment in which all students are given the opportunity to develop their individual potential and the acquire skills, attributes and knowledge to enable students to become responsible members of a changing society.

Wirrabirra ESC has a strong focus in providing a thorough education so our students can achieve to the best of their ability. Our environment is welcoming and friendly and is a place for all to achieve. We value positive relationships with our students, parents and the wider community.

We believe: 'If a child cannot learn the way we teach.... We must teach in a way the child can learn' Ivar Lovass

Communication for our students is the school's overarching focus integrated across the curriculum. Visual and communication supports are used to encourage independence and to reduce anxious behaviours. The high staff to student ratio allows for a mix of one on one instruction, independent work, small group and whole class instruction. Inclusive practices ensure that each individual student's needs are met, by staff working collaboratively in their teams to maximise learning opportunities for all students by making use of existing expertise and sharing knowledge.

Students are assessed individually and Individual Education Programs (IEPs) are developed with parents and key stakeholders to cater for each student's needs. Parents are valued as part of the team and are encouraged in contributing to the planning for their child's educational, social and emotional needs in developing and signing of student IEPs.

Technology is used extensively throughout the Education Support Centre classes to enhance our students' learning. Interactive whiteboards, computers, iPads and assistive communication devices are used in everyday learning tasks. Each Student is allocated an iPad which is set up with their own learning programs. iPads are used to develop children's communication skills. Other applications are used to assist in all learning areas.

Our senior students participate in a Community Access Program. The aim of this program is to participate in travel training using the public transport system, practice road safety and the use of appropriate public behaviours in the community in a structured way with the assistance of school staff.

Where applicable and possible, students from both the Primary School and Education Support Centre participate in inclusive and integrated activities. Wirrabirra School integrate for assemblies, behaviour management program, faction carnival, celebration days, incursions and PBS buddy classes. As part of their IEP, individuals may also be selected to integrate with primary school classes for selected subjects.

The Centre is an integral part of Wirrabirra School and the two facilities share a common vision, joint P&C body and School Board. A high value is placed on inclusion at Wirrabirra. Both schools work collaboratively to ensure a balanced program is provided. The students are all valued as learners and individual education plans are tailored to meet the needs of each child.

For further information and photos of students participating in the programs, please view our website www.wirrabirraesc.wa.edu.au and visit our Wirrabirra Education Support Centre Facebook page to discover more about our school. We welcome visitors so please feel free to give us a call any time on 9234 6850 so you can have a firsthand look to see what we can offer you at our amazing Centre.