Beldon Education Support Centre (6057)

School Overview

A special feature of the Beldon Education Support Centre (ESC, 'the Centre') is the ambience. Parents, teachers, administrators and education assistants share the same vision for the Centre and strive endlessly to ensure that it runs smoothly and maintains a high standard of excellence. The benefit of this positive working relationship is that the students receive a top level of education that will enable them to become successful members of our society.

The Centre enrols children from areas other than the suburb of Beldon. The Centre has a bus service that delivers students from areas North, South and East of Beldon.

The Centre staff consist of a principal and three teachers - with an average length of service at the school of about five years - and non-teaching staff including seven Education Assistants and the Registrar.

An integral part of the Centre is the use of comprehensive Collaborative Action Plans (CAP's). These plans are developed by teachers, parents and therapists for each student and detail the learning outcomes for all eight learning areas. The CAP's form the basis for teaching, assessment and reporting at the Centre. All of those involved in the education of the students engage in the formation and monitoring of the CAP (parents, primary school teachers, ESC teachers and therapists).

The Centre's learning technology program is both intense and purposeful. Students have access to computers, photocopiers and telephones. An excellent ratio of one computer for every three students is maintained. The Centre delivers training and access to not only the computer hardware, but also to relevant software for all students.

Weekly staff meetings with all staff (including clerical and education assistants) enable all staff to discuss student needs and be informed of coming events.

There is an active Advisory Group which sets the direction and determines policies and priorities for the Centre.