Kalamunda Primary Education Support Centre (6052)

School Overview

At Kalamunda Primary Education Support Centre (KP ESC) we share our site with Kalamunda Primary School and are surrounded by magnificent nature play spaces and bush land. We are a growing school for students with disabilities. Initially, our Centre established in 1985 as a school for children with an Intellectual Disability. Today, our enrolment still includes those students, but also encompasses (but not limited to) students with Autism, Global delays and physical disabilities.

Our staff are experienced in designing and delivering programs that meet the diverse need of our student population with each classroom environment implementing the philosophies of TEACCH in structure and routines. We were previously recognised as a Teacher Development School delivering professional learning in the area of 'Structuring your classroom for success: A TEACCH approach'. Our staff are recognised as specialists in creating and teaching students with disabilities in highly structured classroom environments utilising the TEACCH approach.

Staff value their relationships with families and work to build and maintain strong channels of communication. In turn, families support us in our endeavour to provide ongoing valuable and appropriate programs for all students and families.

Every student has a documented plan that covers the learning areas as prescribed in the WA Curriculum, which is then monitored, assessed and reported on to parents each semester. There is also a determination that students will become independent in managing their daily needs and be responsible for their behaviour. In addition to an academic curriculum, we also offer specialised programs to meet the global educational needs of each and every student.

Our vision for all students is that they will 'grow into literate, numerate, functional, independent and employable adults'. Our end goal for all students is that they attain and retain meaningful employment as adults.

Our staff and families are extremely proud of our school and the educational experiences we provide for each student. We work as a cohesive team within our school and alongside our peers in the Primary School. Lee Bates (Principal of KPS) and Jarna Wright (Principal KP ESC) often refer to 'our Kalamunda Kids'. Everyone is made to feel welcome when visiting us in this positive and exciting educational environment.

We believe that interested families should always investigate their options, so invite you to contact the Principal, Mrs Jarna Wright and make an appointment to visit.

T: 9257 4750
E: kalamunda.pesc@education.wa.edu.au