Cassia Education Support Centre (6037)

School Overview

Cassia Education Support Centre is a small government school for students identified with intellectual disabilities and who may present with physical disabilities as well. The Centre caters for students from Kindergarten to Year 6 and shares its campus with Cassia Primary School.

As the only Specialist Education Support Centre in the Pilbara, we attract students from a range of backgrounds. We value and celebrate the incredible diversity that is evident across our school community, as it provides a rich tapestry of experience that is ever changing and developing.

Since the Centre was officially opened on 4 May 1990, we have developed an enviable reputation for providing caring, inclusive and relevant education to all students.

We respect and value all our students as individuals and cater for them using Individual Education Plans and Individual Behaviour Management Plans. Our purpose is to effectively promote the abilities of each student and develop their confidence, knowledge, skills and leadership qualities to equip them with competencies for a world beyond school. The outcomes for students are rigorously set to ensure that appropriate and maximum learning occurs. Student assessment is conducted at regular intervals for diagnostic, reporting and placement purposes. Intensive monitoring is undertaken to guarantee success.

As well as emphasis upon research based academic programmes, our educational service promotes the development of values, knowledge and skills that our students can generalise across learning areas and use effectively in a variety of situations as adults.

Each student is encouraged to work at his or her own pace. Multi-aged grouping and cross-setting are key features at the Centre. In addition, we are conscious of the fact that not all children come to school with the same values and foundations for learning. We ensure that the learning at the Centre is culturally appropriate, inclusive and supportive.

Highly regarded in the community, the expertise and advice of the staff is sought by many other educators across the Pilbara. Our multi-disciplinary team of expert staff work in partnership with parents and the community to ensure that all students value the greatness in themselves and others and become proactive, independent, life-long learners who achieve their individual potential and contribute positively to society.

With a passion for equality and a commitment to excellence, our dedicated team work diligently to provide a safe, inspiring and supportive environment. We treat all individuals with care and respect.

Communication between school and home is essential so we ensure we keep parents and caregivers well informed of their child's progress, raise any issues and celebrate successes, when appropriate.

A very high, staff to student ratio enables us to provide individual attention to meeting students' needs.

The Centre enjoys the support of a range of other professional individuals and organisations that provide specialist support services, including but not limited to: physiotherapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, Child Health Nurse, Disability Services Commission, the Centre for Inclusive Schooling, West Australian Institute for Deaf Education, Vision Education Services and the Senses Foundation.

Students benefit not only from access to our professional staff, but also from access to modern specialist facilities and an extensive range of resources and equipment that help to deliver practical, hands-on learning that foster essential life skills.

We understand the needs of our students and work diligently to ensure that, together with families, we provide a holistic and relevant education that will prepare our students for the future in a modern world.

Parents of prospective students are most welcome to make contact with the Centre or to visit the Centre and take a guided tour. Please call the Centre to make an appointment.