Carson Street School (6016)

School Overview

Carson Street is the State's only Primary Education Support School and it educates students whose needs are such that they are not presently being integrated into the regular school system. All require extensive therapy and educational services. Students have a wide variety of medical conditions which are handled sensitively by the nursing staff. The School is located within the Town of Victoria Park but the catchment extends from the Swan River to Carmel in the surrounding hills. Students graduate in the year they turn 11 and most then transfer to Kensington Secondary School.

Highlights include being one of the first to be granted Independent Public School status in 2010 and being selected as one of the first Teacher Development Schools in Western Australia. The school community is justifiably proud of this formal recognition of its programs and practices.

The staff believe that the influence of a student's family is extremely important to a child's progress and achievement; therefore cooperation between home and school is vital. Home-school diaries, regular newsletters and special activity days keep parents informed and involved in their child's learning program. The school is currently introducing the SEN reporting process as an improved method of reporting progress to parents.
Detailed attention is paid to individual needs. Planning, monitoring and assessment of students using Individual Education Plans and high quality teaching and learning programs result in maximising outcomes for our students. High expectations drive improvements and the school aims at providing a happy, safe and caring environment for students and staff.

Staff are skilled in promoting communication through the use of Alternative and Augmentative Communication strategies, including Aided Language Stimulation and the use of PODD (Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Displays). The latter is effectively supporting a dramatic improvement in many students' communication. Computer and other assistive technologies are often used as a means of promoting independent learning.

With the general movement towards inclusion, early intervention has become a priority and staff believe that they can play a valuable role in preparing many young children with disabilities for inclusive learning environments as well as providing an exemplary program for those who remain with us for their primary schooling. Early Intervention opportunities, including our unique Conductive Education (Parent and Child) and My Time programs are highly effective due to the expertise of our staff, the quality of the learning opportunities and the way we work with other professionals and parents.

Carson Street School is adapting its facilities and services to the current inclusive educational climate and is ready to play a positive role in the education of special needs students in the future.

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