Kensington Secondary School (6012)

School Overview

Preparing young people for life!

Kensington Secondary School prepares young people for life beyond school. We are a high support, high care learning setting with a clear focus on meeting the needs of young people with moderate to significant intellectual disability. Many of our students also live with a sensory and physical disability, which may include, for example, autism and cerebral palsy and we work closely with families in adapting to meet the specific needs of each child.

The learning programs at Kensington Secondary School are engaging. You can expect to see your child involved in a comprehensive program that includes life skills, social skills, literacy, numeracy and a full range of modified courses supported by the WA Curriculum.

Every program is highly individual and designed with full parent involvement. Parents will be familiar with the Individual Education Program (IEP) approach to educational planning and, in this regard, you will find a comfortable familiarity with what happens in your child's primary school or current setting. To this end, you will be assured your child will be immersed in an exceptional learning program delivered and enhanced by well-trained, caring and dedicated staff whose clear focus is ensuring your son or daughter achieves their very best.

The transition into a secondary setting is often a daunting prospect for parents. At Kensington, we work closely with families to make that transition as easy and stress-free as possible. The school is structured so that students aren't expected to change classes on a regular basis. Once assigned a class for the year your child can typically expect to be supported by the same staff in the same room and within the usual routines. Movement away from the home class will happen as a class group to allow access to community-based programs and some specialist programs such as swimming/hydrotherapy, horticulture or physical education.

The school is set in a very picturesque location adding to the calm and welcoming atmosphere. There is plenty of space for your child to spend their breaks and, if required, a safe play area should there be any concern about wandering away during these times. There is a high staff to student ratio at the school ensuring close supervision within classes as well as at break times and on school excursions. These staffing levels also mean that your child will be provided with exceptional support when they commence work experience and work placement in these senior school years.

Being located close to the city allows the school to offer great access to a vast assortment of opportunities for your child. This includes the full range of public transport services, attendance at cultural events, significant training and employment services, as well as a myriad of disability, further education and employment agency supports. The school takes advantage of its location to further enhance your child's learning needs by accessing the community for a number of life skill related activities including shopping, recreation and community service access. Additional programs, such as those provided at Hillside Farm, value add to the school-based curriculum and allow students to have a broader range of experiences that don't restrict their learning to the classroom.

Preparing you and your child for the next stage of their learning can feel almost overwhelming at times. The staff at Kensington Secondary School are understanding and supportive, knowing full well the numerous concerns you might have at this time. They are able to offer sound advice and practical support from having successfully assisted many families through this experience in the past and are happy to sit down and talk with you about what your child's education at Kensington will look, sound and feel like. The support and assistance you need to commence this exciting journey is just a phone call and a visit away.

T: 6436 8450