Landsdale Gardens Primary School (5872)

School Overview

Landsdale South Primary School (planning name) will open its doors to kindergarten to year 6 children in January 2023. The school will provide an innovative environment to inspire young minds.

We will be a school of choice providing every child with the opportunity to reach their full potential. Since learning is a social process and academic achievement is dependent on well-developed social and emotional skills, we will focus on developing the whole child to ensure future success.

Passionate, committed and caring educators will be employed to deliver high quality, learning to inspire all students to grow. The school will focus on fostering creativity in children whilst explicitly teaching 21st century skills.

We will build mutually respectful relationships with students, parents, and the school community to enable us to create opportunities to work collaboratively to support student learning, wellbeing and developmental outcomes. As a member of the Ashdale Cluster, our school will be part of an integrated, holistic Kindergarten to Year 12 learning community based on a common purpose and joint vision for the education of our students. Whilst it takes a village to raise a child, we strongly believe that it takes a community to educate a child.

We would love you to join our brand-new innovative school if you live between Trentham Road and Harrogate Vista in Landsdale.
To find out more about becoming part of the Landsdale South Primary School (planning name) community, please contact the principal Natasha Doyle at