Wellard Village Primary School (5871)

School Overview

Wellard Village Primary School (planning name) is situated amongst the grove of historical tuart trees in Wellard. The school will open its doors to students from Kindergarten to Year 6 in January 2023. Wellard Village Primary School (planning name) is being built on Lambeth Circle and Brentford Parade, and will accommodate 650 students.

Our school will be a state of the art facility with beautifully landscaped surrounds which will include an administration block, library, staffroom, early childhood block, two double story and one single story general learning blocks including art/science and inclusive education rooms, a covered assembly area with music and canteen, an oval with tiered seating and hard courts.

Our vision for our students is to enable them to learn within a connected, diverse and inclusive community, reflecting the values of the Wellard Village community. Our learning environment will be a unified, positive and harmonious space where children feel safe and accountable. Our school will utilise positive behaviour support to educate our students about our expectations as well as to support their social and emotional development.

Our focus will be developing the whole child, and ensuring all students are catered for. Our children will be provided with a balanced curriculum, through explicit teaching of the Western Australian Curriculum. Our school wide approaches will be based on an explicit pedagogical framework and the use of data to inform our evidence based practices, ensuring we meet the needs of our students.

Our school culture, will be based on powerful relationships where we work in collaboration with all key stakeholders and the wider community. Staff will work within a team environment and be highly collaborative and reflective practitioners who work together to ensure the best outcomes for all students.

In the establishment phase of our school, community forums, surveys and Steering Committee meetings will be conducted to reflect on the voice of the community, in order to create a bright and successful future for the children of Wellard.

To find out more about becoming part of our school community, please contact the Principal, Jaclyn Redfearn at Jaclyn.Redfearn@education.wa.edu.au