Treeby Primary School (5870)

School Overview

At our school, all children will dream positively about their future pathways, connect their passions to their learning and be provided with the opportunities and resources needed to reflect on and reach their goals.

We firmly believe that every child can reach their full potential, when they are supported by adults who care for them, are connected to each other; and have a deep sense of belonging to our school and community.

Our school will nurture and guide the 'whole child' as we create pathways for learning throughout life. We will act on the knowledge that every child can learn; and every one of us can make a positive contribution to our school and wider community.

We are resolute in the belief that if we hold our children accountable to the highest of standards, while providing them with academic and social support, they will rise to the challenge.

We will develop students who are respectful, resilient, compassionate, collaborative and who are continually challenged to aspire for excellence.

To find out more about becoming part of our founding family, please contact the principal, Jane Wescott at:

Further information about Treeby Primary School can be found by following us on Facebook @TreebyPS.