Riva Primary School (5869)

School Overview

Riva Primary School, located in Piara Waters will be opening in 2022 for K-6 students, including students with special needs. Our school will have a reputation for high standards, both academic and social, where every child is supported to achieve their potential in an environment that is safe, inclusive and nurturing.

At our school, learning is an exciting, active and purposeful process. Our focus is on inspiring learning, and meeting student needs with expert teaching and instruction. Our staff will draw on a range of strategies to foster student independence, engagement, critical thinking, literacy and numeracy and social and emotional skills. We are committed to excellence, supporting student achievement at the highest levels, reaching potential and accelerating progress.

Our school is the heart of our community, and community will be at the heart of our school. Riva Primary School will be a calm, welcoming and inclusive community, where student and staff health and wellbeing is at the forefront of our practice. Our focus is on nurturing the whole child, particularly supporting their acquisition of dispositions conducive to learning as well as social skills.

Our school community will have the benefit of specialised Education Support programs and facilities on site, providing seamless connection, challenge and belonging for each student, within an inclusive one-school setting. Students will receive personal, tailored support to meet their cognitive, physical and social needs while also benefiting from the expanded facilities, learning opportunities and programs on offer across the school.

Our school is taking shape, guided by parents, students and our community. We invite you to learn and grow with us as we prepare for learning to take flight in 2022.

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