Shorehaven Primary School (5867)

School Overview

Shorehaven Primary School (planning name) will be opening in 2022 and cater for those families living in the surrounding estates. Located at the northern tip of Alkimos, the school has the capacity to grow in keeping with the growth of the community. It will be an exciting opportunity for young families to come together in a friendly and safe learning environment.

The school's leadership team will be work in collaboration with staff, community members and the students to develop a 'Code of Conduct' which will act as the foundation for a positive school culture.

Whilst the main focus will be on the core learning areas of English, Maths, Science and HASS, there will be many opportunities for children to shine in areas such as Physical Education and Performing Arts.

If you have an enquiry, please email

(The school will be developing a Facebook site to communicate with its families and keep them in touch with the school's construction.)