Yanchep Lagoon Primary School (5857)

School Overview

Our school has been here for more than 40 years, first as Yanchep Primary, then Yanchep District High School and now since 2018 Yanchep Lagoon Primary, continuing many years of service to this community and beyond.

We use a DOJO rewards system which provides students with points and positive acknowledgement for demonstrating our four core values of being; a Learner, Respectful, Responsible and Safe. It also provides an online communication channel with parents which is widely used and enhances our strong school community links.

Our staff give generously of their time offering after school sports programs, an Environmental Club, Breakfast Club and a before school Reading School Program. Student well-being is a high priority. We run the Smiling Minds program and, as a Positive Behaviour School, we seek to acknowledge the positive behaviours that students demonstrate each day.

Over the past three years our school has gone through a transformation with many new, modern buildings and facilities. We have retained many of our beautiful large trees which give a great ambience to the school. A magnificent new aviary has been built as part of the rejuvenation, housing many birds which have been an integral part of our school for many years.

We have a very experienced and expert staff, many of whom live within the Yanchep community and surrounding areas. All staff work diligently to provide an exceptional, well-rounded education for all students. We offer a broad curriculum which includes specialists in Science, Indonesian, Physical Education and Music. We also have a literacy coordinator, learning support and mental health and well-being coordinator as well as a school Chaplain.

For any further information on our school please refer to either our website:yanchep.wa.edu.au our Facebook page: Yanchep Lagoon Primary School or telephone us on 95628200.