Oakwood Primary School (5855)

School Overview

Having opened in 2018 as an Independent Public School, our school caters for students from Kindergarten and Pre-primary in the first year of operation and will extend from Kindergarten to Year 6 in 2019. Our current focus is to establish a school that contributes fully to, and meets the needs of, the community it serves.

The school site is situated on Broadstone Vista in the rapidly growing suburb of Meadow Springs and will include the suburbs of San Remo and Madora Bay in the local intake area.

Community members are engaged in the process of guiding the school's vision, branding and unique identity to meet the needs of the school community. Staff will be selected to meet the specific needs of this school community. We are dedicated to working alongside the school community to create a clear strategic plan, with clearly articulated goals, strategies and targets.

With strong personable leadership provided by an experienced principal, the recruitment of professional and capable staff, and a parent community committed to sharing the responsibility for their children's education, Oakwood Primary School will provide excellence in public school education delivering high performance with high care.

For more information:

Principal: Will Davis
Phone: 9586 7600
Website: oakwoodps.wa.edu.au