Baldivis Gardens Primary School (5847)

School Overview

Our Vision is to nurture students in a safe and supportive learning environment where parents and staff take shared responsibility for student growth and development, resulting in students who thrive and a community that flourishes. Our Motto is Nurture Grow Thrive and our Ethos is 'GROW': Gain Knowledge, Respect Others, Own your Actions and Work Hard.

Opened in 2017 our Independent Public School caters for students from Kindergarten to Year 6. Our focus is on providing a rich and varied curriculum that develops the whole child, catering for their academic, physical, social and emotional needs.

The school site is situated on land that has a rich history as a market garden, and that is why the name Baldivis Gardens Primary School was chosen by the Planning Committee. Our 'From Forest to Garden' Program is an important part of our curriculum providing many opportunities for learning in our 'Garden'.

Our staff have been selected to meet the specific needs of this school community. We are dedicated to working alongside the school community to create a clear strategic plan, with clearly articulated goals, strategies and targets.

With strong personable leadership provided by an experienced principal, professional and capable staff, and a parent community committed to sharing the responsibility for their children's education, Baldivis Gardens Primary School will provide 'excellence' in public school education delivering quality education in a nurturing learning environment.

Located in the rapidly growing suburb of Baldivis our school features modern state of the art buildings and facilities.

For more information:
Principal: Kylie Moss
Phone: 9523 7000
Facebook: Baldivis Gardens