Caversham Valley Primary School (5846)

School Overview

Caversham Valley Primary School has set itself the aim to provide children from Kindergarten to Year 6 with a high quality education; have a strong focus on care; encourage families to be a part of a school community; and use sustainable practices.

As a school we will focus on developing each child's social and emotional capabilities, along with their academic needs. As a staff we aim to provide an environment that allows children to develop resilience, build positive behaviours and treat others with respect and understanding.

Striving to achieve their personal best at all times will be important for our children as they grow, learn and develop. Caversham Valley Primary is reflective of many different nationalities, cultures and religions and through getting to know individuals we will have a community that embraces understanding, tolerance and acceptance.

Supporting us in our aims is a unique and expansive school site that is well grassed and has many trees that will provide shade and outdoor learning areas in the future. Our buildings and classrooms are modern and designed to provide staff with flexibility for teaching and learning while allowing for contemporary use of technology and pedagogy.

To find out more about the opportunities that lie ahead for your child:

M: 0436 911 464 or 0436 915 798