Golden Bay Primary School (5838)

School Overview

Welcome to Golden Bay Primary School, an independent public school catering for children from Kindergarten to Year 6.

Our vision: Creating the future through a community of learners. We value excellence, respect and integrity.

Golden Bay Primary School was established in 2015. Our dedicated staff place an emphasis on quality teaching and work to provide a broad and challenging curriculum that meets the interests and learning needs of all students. We cater for the unique needs and aspirations of local families and provide exceptional service to a proud and cohesive community.

The success of our school lies in our inclusive curriculum, responsive learning environment and strong working partnerships. Our staff are committed to positive relationships and motivated to work collaboratively in a vibrant and creative team environment. We build effective partnerships with parents and the community while providing a caring, supportive and mutually respectful environment. Our staff deliver deep learning and high quality inclusive programs that encompass critical and creative learning skills.

As an Independent Public School we are empowered to make decisions best suited to the interests of our students. Achieving excellence in customer service and community inclusiveness is the hallmark of Golden Bay Primary School.

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