Yanchep Beach Primary School (5836)

School Overview

Yanchep Beach Primary is an Independent Public School located within a new coastal estate 60 kilometres north of Perth.

The school opened in January 2014 with 319 students and has grown rapidly to a total enrolment of 730 students at the commencement of 2018. The significant expansion of the school has provided the school with additional staff, resources and the opportunity to create new and exciting learning experiences for its students.

Enrolments for Yanchep Beach Primary School are taken from within the school's Local Intake Area. Our students and their families are from WA's fastest growing area with aspirational family hopes, share a sense of community and also of contribution.

Our school's staff, parents and community have shared a commitment to creating an aspirational school with high standards.

Yanchep Beach Primary uses whole-school teaching strategies that address the context of the local community and the demands of the Western Australian Curriculum. These include:
- Letters and Sounds;
- Talk for Writing;
- First Steps in Literacy and Mathematics;
- Primary Connections in Science;
- An Apple technology learning platform;
- The Fish Philosophy (values education framework);
- Positive Behaviour in Schools (PBS); and
- Whole school assessment using AITSL Standards and the 'School Improvement Tool'.

The school's staff are merit-selected and lead by example. They constantly challenge themselves to deliver a differentiated curriculum to appeal to the variety of learners and to support each individual student's journey to becoming a lifelong learner.

Our emphasis is on student progress, measuring success by how much each child develops and grows. Our goal as a school is that the overall academic progress made by Yanchep Beach students should exceed the Western Australian average.

Yanchep Beach Primary School has been planned with the latest in design principles and complements the local estate aesthetically. It was the first school in Western Australia to open with a Nature Playground, which is valued as an outside classroom as much as a playground. The school is also equipped with specialist music and art facilities including a kiln, a wireless ICT environment as well as excellent grounds that are accessible to the local community.

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