West Byford Primary School (5833)

School Overview

West Byford Primary is a level 6 school that opened in February 2013. The school is located on Kardan Boulevard, Byford; approximately 41kms south of Perth and situated in the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale. Byford is a rapidly growing suburb that includes a mix of young and established families. Students attending West Byford enjoy state of the art facilities in a fresh, contemporary environment. The spacious landscaped grounds provide an abundance of play, sporting and quiet sitting areas for students to enjoy while classrooms are outfitted with up-to-date technologies to enhance student learning opportunities.

School Vision
At West Byford Primary School, we believe that every child matters. A dynamic, inclusive, and nurturing environment that guides our students to be confident and resilient leaders of the future.

High-Quality High Impact Teaching and Learning
West Byford Primary School is an engaging and welcoming learning environment with cultural responsiveness, inclusivity, and high expectations at its core. 'Every child matters every day' underpins the West Byford Way. We know that all students can achieve their personal best with the support of a connected, collaborative school community.
West Byford Primary School supports high-quality teaching through contemporary evidence-based educational pedagogy focused on students' academic, social and emotional development. We are committed to high impact, evidence-based teaching and learning practices that increase engagement and lead to improved student outcomes.
Student wellbeing is targeted through whole school explicit teaching, and programs including 'Breakfast Club' and 'You Can Do It', which are run weekly and supported by the WBPS Wellbeing Team and the SAER Team.

Thriving Culture and Community
Our thriving school community comes from knowing that together we make a difference; staff, students, and the community can all participate in, contribute to and benefit from being a part of West Byford Primary School. Diversity is valued and supported through an inclusive culture that celebrates the skills and insights of all people in our school community.
Relationships and partnerships are actively established and maintained, based on mutual trust and respect, open and honest communication, and a shared responsibility for our students. Strong family-school and community relationships create a culture of coming together to improve student learning and wellbeing.
Our school calendar features many events, opportunities and celebrations throughout the year, creating a dynamic and vibrant school where everyone belongs. We have an active and highly valued Parents and Citizens (P&C) Association that contributes to and enhances the learning environment for all children.

Strong Shared Leadership
A strong shared leadership structure is in place where all staff can influence and impact student progress and achievement. Staff and student agency create deep impact when combined with whole-school pedagogy, beliefs, programs and initiatives.
A commitment to student voice is demonstrated through the Year Six Leadership Team, Student Representative Council, Aboriginal Leadership Group and Waste Warriors.
School resources are expertly managed and deployed to ensure maximum impact on student learning. We strive to remove extraneous workload from Teachers and Instructional Leaders/Deputy Principals so a greater focus on the core business of teaching and learning can be maintained.