Baynton West Primary School (5830)

School Overview

The 'Baynton West Way' has become a way of life for many of our students and staff. Integrity, innovation, dedication and caring are our key guiding beacons, and our school vision of, 'Children are at the heart of our school' embodies everything we do, every day.

Entwined in that vision is our moral purpose of making sure children exceed their academic potential and that their emotional and social needs are met. We have observed over the years that children's self-esteem is boosted by achievement and progress brought about by hard work and regular school attendance.

We recognise that we work in close partnership with our children's family and that we are a team in the learning process. We acknowledge the support of the silent majority who assist their children through homework, morning reading, attending meetings, and by being 'present' throughout the primary school years.

We embrace the challenge of providing our students with a rich and responsive curriculum, promoting high achievement and excellence through ongoing self-reflection and goal setting, heavily emphasising English, mathematics and science. An integrated future focused curriculum which caters for diverse learning styles prepares children for life in 21st century. The cross curricular priority of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) creates opportunities for children to challenge existing understandings and take the lead in the education process. Together with our innovative approach to languages (Mandarin), our students are at the forefront and primed for a successful future. We have tight bonds with the community and regularly call on expertise to enhance our ambitious, child centred targets.

As a proud Positive Behaviour School (PBS), we understand the need to teach 'behaviour' as part of our curriculum. We use four positive powers (Becky Be Your Best, Safety Boy, Rosie Responsibility and Mr Resilient) to educate children about how to work with others and be part of a functioning group. Positive social behaviours are not assumed, instead they are explicitly taught through our PBS program that is woven throughout every aspect of our life at school.

With strong School Board governance and an active P&C we work closely with our parent community and they provide us with opportunities to enrich the lives students in our care.

As the newest school in Karratha, our foundations have formed powerful traditions and we are constantly seeking ways to work with our community. We are proud of the support our parents and caregivers provide which contributes to the wonderful atmosphere throughout our school.

Our strong and courageous leaders, students, parents, caregivers and staff bring fun and laughter to our school on a daily basis. Our students definitely turn lemons into lemonade.

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