Piara Waters Primary School (5829)

School Overview

Our school was established in 2012 and is focused on ensuring a high-quality education for all of our Kindergarten to year 6 students. As an Independent Public School, we benefit from the strength of a strong public school system, but also have the flexibility to make more decisions locally, better meeting the needs of our diverse community.

Our key values of Respect, Active Participation, Collaboration, Responsibility, and Generosity underpin all that we do.

We have a focus on the success of individual students, and whilst we are a large school (approximately 950 students), we are committed to knowing, teaching and valuing every child. Everyone should learn, grow and thrive.

The staff are committed to ensuring the very best for students. We are proud of the quality of our teachers and education assistants. Our classroom teachers have a strong focus on literacy and numeracy. Students also benefit from specialist teachers for Physical Education, French, Visual Arts, Drama, Music and Science.

We want our students to be effective and efficient in their learning and we utilise iPads as a learning tool where appropriate. We also teach students digital technology skills so they can be lifelong learners.

We are focused on preparing our students for future employment. This is why we have a specific focus on Science, Digital Technologies and Mathematics. We want to prepare our students to be able to study the highest levels of Mathematics and Science later in their schooling, so they are well positioned to take on the jobs of the future.

The P&C provides strong support to the school and organises a variety of activities that not only raise funds, but bring our school community together. Our School Board provide governance and oversite to ensure our strategic planning remains focused on the needs of our students.

We have extensive grassed play areas, hard courts for tennis, basketball and netball and cricket nets. We also feature three nature scape playgrounds, located throughout the school. A before school running club, after school French club, and school choir are just some examples of how we provide a range of learning opportunities and experiences for students outside of the classroom, in additional to quality teaching inside.