Meadow Springs Primary School (5828)

School Overview

Meadow Springs Primary School strives to meet the dynamic needs of the students and the community it serves. We are an inclusive community that lives, laughs and learns with every child to support and challenge their personal best. Our moral purpose is to prepare every student to be active contributors to their community and lifelong learners who are the best versions of themselves.

Specialist programs include; Science, Physical Education, Music, Digital Technologies and Languages Other Than English (Indonesian).

Since opening in 2012 with 480 students and peaking at almost 1000 students 2 years later, the neighbourhood has evolved and new schools have opened nearby. Enrolments have settled to approximately 500 students and 50 staff. The school hosts the Meadow Springs Education Support Centre which has an additional 70 students and 50 staff.

Both schools celebrate being 'Two Schools, One Community,' and share the highly visible mantra:
Live Laugh and Learn.