Makybe Rise Primary School (5824)

School Overview

Makybe Rise Primary School is a state-of-the-art Independent Public School that caters for children from Kindergarten to Year 6. At Makybe Rise Primary School, every child every day experiences a sense of significance, belonging, fun, and challenge, graduating into the wider community with the knowledge and skills to achieve their hopes, dreams and aspirations.

Since opening in 2011, Makybe Rise Primary School has demonstrated a commitment to excellence in academic achievement. We firmly believe that every child can learn and that every child brings a contribution to our community. Our children engage in a well-rounded curriculum experience based on the Australian Curriculum and The Early Years Framework in the early childhood years of Kindergarten to Year 2.

Our highly skilled teachers engage children in learning programs that are adjusted to suit their learning needs. Supplementing classroom intervention strategies, children may also access specialised speech and language, occupational therapy, literacy and numeracy support.

Every day each child practices the AVID Student Success skills which empower them to take ownership of their learning and proactively make their contribution to our community. AVID Student Success skills are specific skills that enable students to be prepared, organised and resilient. These skills are habits, behaviours and strategies that students can learn, strengthen and maintain throughout their schooling career.

We have a clear, shared school vision in which all students and staff exhibit the school's TRIBES Four Agreements of attentive listening; appreciation; right to participate; and mutual respect. We believe that the social/emotional curriculum is equally as important as the academic curriculum ensuring that every child every day experiences collaboration, inclusion and harmony. This allows us to build the caring relationships and positive behaviours that ensure our school is a fun and safe environment conducive to learning.

Our Makybe Rise community is committed to building a genuine sense of community partnership and belonging. Staff, students and families all enjoy the mutual respect and caring essential for growth and learning. We work together to accomplish our shared mission of growing friendly, accomplished and active children who know they are part of something bigger than themselves.

Our community is committed to work together in ways that create a safe and nurturing space for our children to grow and learn. We believe that whilst our children are at the centre of all that we do, we are all central.

Our children learn in contemporary, well-resourced classrooms equipped with the latest in technology to facilitate student learning including interactive whiteboards, desktop computers and iPads, providing them with unprecedented access to information and contemporary models of learning in a safe digital environment.

At Makybe Rise Primary School, every child deserves an education that provides them with the skills and knowledge to make choices and determine their future.

We welcome you to visit our website or contact us to discover more about our school:
T: 9523 0709