Aveley Primary School (5821)

School Overview

We opened our gates to commence providing quality education for the children in the suburb of Aveley on 1 February 2012. Every effort has been made to assemble a strong and diverse team of teachers and support staff to give our school the strength and unique flavour that will distinguish it as the school of choice in the local area. Working with our children, parents, teachers and local community we have established extremely high targets for the delivery of educational programs, behaviour management and development school culture.

Our highly skilled teachers provide a positive, fun environment that is safe and supportive and meets the diverse learning needs of all children. Within each class our teachers utilise their skills and the support of the leadership team and colleagues to teach, assess and report on year specific Australian Curriculum outcomes. We maintain an explicit focus on literacy and numeracy instruction across all years with each child's progress carefully monitored. The school currently provides four specialist areas, with staff being merit selected to provide innovative curriculum in the areas of Music, LOTE (Indonesian), Physical Education and Art.

To assist in achieving the best possible results both in the academic and social emotional growth of our children we maintain a safe and open environment where clear and frequent communication with you, the primary educators, is essential. Throughout our activities and programs we take every opportunity to embed our school motto 'Trust, Respect, Opportunity'. We encourage all parents and carers to be actively involved in their children's education and welcome you into our 'Aveley Family'.

The contemporary design features give extensive provision for the development and affective use of ICT, a well equipped music room, an Art Centre that has the capacity to be used as a Science Centre, a Covered Assembly area and a Dental Therapy Centre that caters for children in the local area. There has been a generous provision for outdoor physical activity with tennis and basketball courts and a large well maintained oval. Our centrally located Library is accessible to all children from the school and is used for a number of before and after school activities to promote our culture of learning and opportunity.

We continue to improve and invest in our facilities to further enhance our educational programs. A selection of our more recent additions include a nature play area for our Early Childhood Children, which allows them to better explore free play and encourages use of more imaginative games and peer interaction. Ongoing resourcing for ICT has seen our bank of school iPads increase considerably and the introduction of an innovative bring your own device program, allowing children to better integrate ICT across all subject areas and share their learning experience with family and friends.

If you wish to find out more about the school please feel free to contact our school office, follow us on Facebook, download our school app or check out the schools webpage (see link below).