Aveley Primary School (5821)

School Overview

Aveley PS (APS), an Independent Primary School, is located approximately 26 km north east of the Perth CBD, in the Department of Education's North Metropolitan Educational Region. Our school is located east of Ellenbrook and south of The Vines.

APS commenced providing quality education in modern facilities for 180 students on 1 February 2012 and successfully obtained Independent Public School status in 2015. As of February 2021, with student numbers beginning to level out (after years of significant growth) our school accommodates approximately 700 students. Aveley Primary School caters for a culturally diverse student population with a relatively stable student transiency rate.

Aveley Primary School has a committed and diverse team of teachers and support staff to ensure we provide every opportunity for all of our students to achieve their potential. Our school's vision of success for all students built on Trust, Respect, Opportunity, guides us to provide a challenging, innovative and supportive environment for all. We have excellent modern facilities and well maintained grounds. We are well supported by our dedicated School Board and P&C Association.

Aveley Primary School ensures we have clear and purposeful links with the strategic direction of the Department of Education, and our whole school pedagogy and planning is guided by evidenced based programs and strategies.

Our current priorities, as outline in the APS Business Plan 2021 - 2024, include;
* a focus on assisting students to live and work successfully in a connected world. We aim to provide every opportunity for students to be confident, involved learners and effective communicators where Information Communication Technology (ICT) is integrated into every day practice for all members of the school community.
* a strong and future oriented focus on Sustainability, supporting a clear message that actions to improve sustainability are both individual and collective endeavours.
* the use of evidence based best practices (pedagogy) to support every student's learning more effectively including a focus on seeing learning through the eyes of students, and encouraging and supporting students to be more actively involved in their own learning i.e. visible learning.

The future will demand of our students the ability and willingness to be lifelong learners. Our aim is to work closely with individual families and as a whole school community to prepare our students for a productive and successful future.

We are proud of the respectful, inclusive and happy learning environment we have provided and we look forward to strengthening this further as we implement our current Business Plan.