Craigie Heights Primary School (5816)

School Overview

Our school vision is to inspire every student to achieve their personal best through learning, living and playing in harmony. Craigie Heights Primary School is situated at 47 Spinaway Street Craigie. We cater for over students from Kindergarten to Year 6. Our dedicated, and highly capable, team of teachers and support staff provide innovative and engaging programs tailored to meet the needs of all students in a caring, supportive environment.

Our students benefit from state of the art facilities with specialist areas and rooms for Music, Art, Physical Education and Science. Each classroom has an interactive whiteboard which enables engaging presentations to enhance learning and develop capable digital citizens. A wide variety of digital technology is used across the curriculum. Our buildings are air conditioned and have been designed to meet sustainability principles.

Early Childhood early intervention is a focus area with the school. All children are screened in their Kindergarten year by a Speech Pathologist and Occupational Therapist. Programs have been set up using best practice strategies to assist with intervention. There is an emphasis on intentional teaching related to phonics and phonemic awareness which is balanced with lots of opportunities for language development through creative play. A successful 0 - 3 playgroup operates at the school.

The schools targeted focus and aspirational standards for literacy and numeracy are supported by processes that ensure a student's academic needs are case managed effectively and student progress is excellent.

Reading - the promotion of reading takes place through a variety of initiatives. A number of challenges and rewards are organised including the Holiday Reading Challenge, Literacy Pro Reading Scheme, Year 1 and 2 Reading Diary Program and participation in literature festivals. The school acknowledges reading through a variety of awards. Minilit/Multilit programs are well resourced to support low progress readers.

Mathematics - our catchcry is 'Maths is Fun!' and the school has a strong focus on problem solving and developing robust understanding of mathematical concepts.

Craigie Heights Primary School offers specialist programs in Physical Education, Science, Music and Languages (Japanese). Enrichment programs across the school are wide and varied including the Makerspace, Perceptual Motor Program, Year 6 camp, In-term swimming, School for Instrumental Music, Junior and Senior Choir, Coding Club, Library Monitor Program, Sustainability, Inter-School and Competition Sporting Teams.

Positive Behaviour Support and Wellbeing - as a school we build strong relationships and social-emotional wellbeing. Our four expected behaviours are Be Safe, Be an Achiever, Be Responsible and Be Respectful. These behaviours are taught and encouraged through the Positive Behaviour Support Program and Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies (PATHS) is being implemented. The embedded Philanthropy and Pastoral Care programs form part of a rich culture of caring and ethical behaviour.