Somerly Primary School (5812)

School Overview

Somerly Primary School provides a welcoming, friendly and caring learning environment where students are encouraged to model our key values of respect, responsibility and safety.
We have dedicated and experienced staff who share a commitment to the school vision and values. We provide a strong foundation in literacy, numeracy, science, humanities and social sciences and technology. Our students engage in a well-rounded curriculum experience based on the Australian curriculum and the Early Years Learning Framework. We also provide our students with the opportunity to study a range of subjects including music, physical education, visual arts and Italian.
Our school business plan outlines the priority areas we focus our work on, strategies we implement, measurement milestones and challenges we may face. Our priority areas include literacy, numeracy, positive behaviour support, Blue Earth and Gymbaroo Unlocking the Potential programs, digital technologies and community partnerships.
We aspire for all students to become:
1. Successful Learners - through the development of whole school programs that follow the Scope and Sequence of the Australian Curriculum. Our highly committed and professional staff, continually monitor and regularly assess students to develop focused teaching programs that meet individual requirements.
2. Confident and Creative Individuals - through their participation in Music, Visual/Performing Arts, Physical Education and Italian. Teachers utilise Information Communication Technology as a tool to support the teaching and learning program.
3. Active and Informed Citizens - through an enquiry approach, students are encouraged and supported in the development of the necessary skills to reach their potential and grow as active and informed citizens. It is critical all students develop the necessary knowledge, skills and understandings to meet the challenges of the future.
Our core beliefs are:
Excellence: Students learn best when their individual needs are explicitly catered for in a supportive and collaborative environment.
Equity: Students learn best when individuality is acknowledged and catered for through collaboration between students, teachers, parents and the community.
Care: Students learn best in a nurturing school environment that actively supports and models positive and productive relationships.
Learning: Learning is inclusive, intrinsically motivating and engaging, allowing every child to experience academic success. Learning is explicit, sequential and every child aims to achieve personal excellence.
Community partnerships form an integral component of our school. Programs currently operating within the school include, Toddler Reading, Kulungas Aboriginal Playgroup, Kapa Haka, Coding Club, Breakfast Club every Wednesday and Friday mornings, before and after school care facility.
The Parents & Citizens Association(P&C) provides strong support to the school and organises a variety of activities that bring our school community together. Over recent years the P&C has been extremely active in providing equipment and facilities that have enhanced our school and learning opportunities for our students.
Somerly Primary School opened in 2009 with four permanent teaching blocks, library, dental clinic and an undercover assembly area. Through the Building Education Revolution (BER) initiative we have added two early childhood classrooms and enclosed the undercover area.
We have extensive grassed play areas, hard courts for tennis, basketball and netball and cricket nets. We also feature three nature scape playgrounds, located in early childhood, junior and senior play areas.
We look forward to welcoming you to our school. To find out more please visit our website at