South Halls Head Primary School (5807)

School Overview

South Halls Head Primary School's aim is to work closely with our community to provide an outstanding educational experience for our students. We strongly believe in success for all students, as we develop the 'whole child'- academically, socially, emotionally, creatively and physically. Students strive to achieve, as we encourage them to take risks, to accept challenges and to learn from their mistakes.

Our motto 'My School, My Future, Our Village' informs the direction of our school vision. As an Independent Public School, we select exemplary staff to fit with our future directions. We are passionate about education and set high expectations for both staff and students. The innovative and evidence based instructional approaches utilised by our school demonstrate that every student has the potential to be a high achiever, regardless of their backgrounds, abilities or personal circumstances.

Our culture is based around the concept of 'A Village'. All students, parents and staff experience a sense of belonging to the school village as they know each other well, and there is genuine concern and care for each member and their wellbeing. We value and foster strong partnerships with our students, families and the wider community so that students may learn and achieve in a safe and supportive environment. The school emphasises strong structures to support positive social and emotional wellbeing, to ensure all students are confident and happy.

Catering for students from Kindergarten to Year 6, South Halls Head Primary School has a wide range of well-maintained grounds and facilities. Three computer laboratories are provided for student use and each classroom has a number of computers, iPads and interactive whiteboards to support learning. In addition, specialist facilities are provided for music, art, Japanese and physical education, and we have a very well-resourced library.

At South Halls Head Primary School, every child takes positive steps towards their future, every day.