South Halls Head Primary School (5807)

School Overview

South Halls Head Primary School opened in 2008. It is situated in Halls Head (Mandurah) in the new development of Seascapes. It has 'state of the art' facilities with six teaching blocks (including an early childhood centre), a library, undercover area, music room and art room. Computers are used extensively in both classrooms and in dedicated computer labs.

The school operates in accordance with the Ethos developed through a series of 'Parent Focus Group' meetings.

School Ethos

Our aim is to work closely with our community to provide an outstanding educational experience for students.

Purpose- The main function of an effective school is teaching and learning. Students strive to succeed. Students are encouraged to take risks, to accept challenge and to learn from mistakes. School staff support students by providing an orderly, safe and encouraging environment. They put social and emotional support structures in place to ensure all students are confident and happy.

Culture - The school culture is based around the concept of a 'village'. It is defined by the following characteristics
- All students, parents and staff know each other well
- Each person shows genuine concern for the care and welfare of others
- We care for our school and our physical environment.
- We care for members of the wider community eg the elderly
- We participate in community building activities eg Clean Up Australia
- Teachers and parents model good behaviour and good citizenship

We believe that children learn best when
- There is a partnership between the school and the home
- Individual needs and differences are recognised and supported
- Teaching practices encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning
- A strong literacy and numeracy base is established for each child
- They are happy, well nourished, rested and physically fit
- Positive values are implicit in the schol environment

Students are encouraged to participate in a range of 'extra curricula' activities eg interschool sporting competitions, instrumental music (brass, guitar and keyboard) and choir performances.

The school, in conjunction with its parent body has developed a behaviour management policy that is implemented consistently. The staff of South Halls Head PS believe that the teaching of values is extremely important and that this is best done through modelling and an integrated approach so that all lessons involve an element of values teaching. As a result we have few incidents of inappropriate behaviour.

The staff of the school have, in the main, been 'merit selected'. This means that teachers are very capable and have chosen to be a part of the South Halls Head PS team.