East Butler Primary School (5801)

School Overview

East Butler Primary School is a Level 5 primary school in the North West Metropolitan Education Region. Since its opening in 2007, the school has provided a quality education to the children of families residing in the eastern area of Butler. East Butler became an Independent Public School in 2012.

Our school has developed an inclusive, diverse and exciting range of programs. Our focus on literacy and numeracy is strong, while specialists for Physical Education, Visual Arts, Science and History and Social Sciences ensure a wide variety of learning opportunities for students. Excellent programs such as Friendly Schools and Families Plus, Protective Behaviours and Values Education maintain a high level of behaviour and social support for our students. The library is an engaging, well-resourced environment that the students enjoy visiting to exchange books and listen to stories whilst supporting the class learning programs.

Our staff have a range of expertise and have been primarily locally selected in line with the vision and educational needs of the school. Curriculum delivery is aligned with current DoE initiatives and supported by significant resources and ICT infrastructure. Our positive and challenging teaching programs allow all students to develop the necessary skills to become confident and independent learners. These programs are all supported by a whole school approach to Behaviour Management ensuring consistency from K-6.

East Butler has a strong mission of High Care and High Performance where the whole school community is committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment that challenges and supports all students to achieve their personal best.

Also on offer at East Butler is Brekkie Boost, Instrumental Music (Guitar and Brass), and a huge range of sport and recreational activities. A commercial arrangement has been entered into with a child care provider to offer an after school and vacation care service. Our school enjoys fantastic support from a proactive School Board and P&C Association. Strong community involvement supports school programs such as Support-a-Reader. Partnerships with WANSLEA, the School Psychologist service and the School Nurse endeavour to meet the needs of all students.

All school facilities are well-maintained and cared for. Kindy and Pre-Primary students enjoy their own outdoor play area whilst older students have access to netball/basketball courts, cricket nets, a Nature Playground and several climbing frames. The school is fully air-conditioned and heated for a year round, pleasant learning environment.

Discover more about East Butler Primary School : eastbutlerps.wa.edu.au