Two Rocks Primary School (5797)

School Overview

Our school is committed to delivering quality schooling for our community. We cater for over 500 students from Kindergarten to Year 6. Students' needs are met by the school, a highly supportive administrative team, professional teachers, support staff and a school chaplain.

The school prides itself on meeting the needs of the students. Gifted students are catered for using classroom extension and students with learning difficulties are placed on Individual Education Programs where their progress is regularly monitored. Senior students are encouraged to take leadership roles in the school to prepare them for their future roles in society.

At Two Rocks Primary school we expect that all of our students will achieve their absolute potential. We set rigorous goals and targets and support our students to achieve their individual goals and targets ensuring that our students are making great progress, constantly challenging themselves whilst fostering a culture of self-belief.

The school actively promotes and encourages parent participation through the School Board which became fully incorporated in 2014. The Board's membership consists of parents, teachers and community members and respond to the school community needs of education, sustainability, health, heritage, conservation and civic responsibilities.

Two Rocks Primary School is community of learners. The structure of the school is set up to allow the teachers to continually improve their teaching skills, successfully tailor the educational programmes to meet all students needs., extending and challenging students in areas that they excel in and assisting and supporting students in areas where they feel challenged. This is all achieved within the class set up ensuring that all students feel supported educationally to trial ideas and take risks in a safe, nurturing environment. The teaching staff are also challenged to improve their own pedagogical practice, trial ideas and strategies ensuring that they are continually striving for improvement as they move along the continuum from very good teachers to great teachers.

We have beautiful grounds with ocean views. Our gardens have been greatly enhanced by the construction of our Kitchen Garden which has an outdoor learning area and offers opportunities to integrate art, cooking and sustainability practices into the school's teaching and learning program.

Two Rocks Independent Primary School's collaborative learning community ensures a commitment to excellence in education.