Excelsior Primary School (5790)

School Overview

Excelsior Primary School is an Independent Public School located in the suburb of Canning Vale with an enrolment of 480 students in 20 classes from Kindergarten to Year 6. The school opened in 2005 and is a welcoming school in a unique setting with plenty of grass and open space, along with several playgrounds, basketball/tennis courts, a large oval, specialist teaching classrooms, library, enclosed undercover area and five open plan teaching blocks with classrooms and central activity areas.

Our Vision: Excelsior Primary school is an exciting professional learning community committed to excellence in teaching and learning to support personal growth (academic, creative, physical, social, emotional), active citizenship and lifelong learning for all.

Through the Business Plan 2015 - 2017, the school has identified 4 areas that drive whole school improvement.

Excellence in a Safe and Caring Learning Environment: The Excelsior Way is our local innovative incorporation of values and beliefs for our school community, based on the 4Rs of Respect, Relationships, Responsibilities and Reach for the Stars. Other programs such as Aussie of the Month, National Australian Values, Excel Club, Higher Order Thinking and Cyber Safety integrate neatly into The Excelsior Way.

Excellence in Teaching and Leadership: We aim to engage every student in the learning process to raise academic standards across all areas of the Australian Curriculum with a clear vision and the establishment of effective management structures to support achievement. We also strongly support student learning within the highly recognised specialist areas of Music, Instrumental Music, Visual Arts, Physical Education, Italian, English as an Additional Language or Dialect, and Science within STEM. Excelsior is the WA state winner of the maths card game Numero for the fifth year in a row, 2012 - 2016.

Excellence in Learning: We aim to support and promote academic excellence for every child though explicit teaching, higher order thinking skills, cooperative learning and instructional strategies. Quality moderation, assessment, feedback and reflection informs whole school and individual planning. For everyone at Excelsior, every child matters every day. Up-to-date ICT requirements ensure wireless access, iPad and laptop technology, digital cameras and electronic whiteboards in all classrooms. The use of ipads across the school has gained momentum with the school planning to implementing the 'bring your own device' 1-1 program from Year 4 in 2018. ICT is an embedded tool at Excelsior for teaching and learning in an integrated curriculum that supports academic excellence.

Excellence in Community: A strong partnership with parents and community supports and encourages success for all students, regular attendance and high engagement, a safe school environment and positive and productive community partnerships. Our School Board, P&C, School Fair, Harmony Week, NAIDOC Week and a multitude of other exciting events and activities are supported by strong community participation and engagement. Our school is a positive reflection of our community and the wider society in which our children will be supported to be responsible and productive citizens.

Other special programs include Asthma Friendly accreditation, Crunch and Sip, Sustainability (including Wastewise and Wormwise, solar power, Waterwise) and National Quality Standards.

Prospective families are welcome to visit the school for a guided tour of our facilities and a discussion about what the school has to offer their children.