Ngalapita Remote Community School (5789)

School Overview

Ngalapita Remote Community School opened December 1, 2003 in the community of Koorabye. The name for the school comes from a nearby billabong which is central to the lives of the Aboriginal people, who, apart from the teachers, make up this community.

At Ngalapita Remote Community School we promote a culture that contributes to and supports learning. We foster academic, social and emotional achievement with respectful relationships to ensure a positive, inclusive and supportive environment. We value high quality teaching, learning and professional learning to foster teacher development, student achievement and a school that operates efficiently. We believe students, staff, parents, guardians and community are genuine partners in education who share in the teaching, learning and decision making of the school environment.

Koorabye community occupies one square kilometer of Kalyeeda Station and is made up of eleven houses. The school grounds, teachers' houses and basketball court are situated 100m to the east of the community. Also part of this cluster is a donga, used to accommodate visiting service providers. The school consists of two large classrooms, a principal's office, administration area, kitchen, sports shed, gardening shed and library. The community is accessed from an unsealed road that extends approximately 95km from the Great Northern Highway, passing through Yungngora (Noonkanbah) Community. The Kimberley wet season (November to April) can make access to the community difficult for staff, students, community members and service providers.

Ngalapita is a Level 3 primary school. The student cohort is between 7 and 15, though visiting students add to the population seasonally. The school currently employs a full time teacher, a principal and two AIEOs, a cleaner and a gardener. The school has developed a relationship with Universities in Perth and often has a student teacher for their long Practicums which can vary from 7 to 10 weeks.

The school has a primary focus on developing strong Literacy and Numeracy skills. Ngalapita is well-resourced and the technology available includes LEGO WeDo 2.0, OSMO, Sphero, Dash and Dot plus Ipads, laptops and Interactive Whiteboards. The school is networked and has satellite internet access in all rooms. Both classrooms are fitted with sound field systems.

Walmajarri is the traditional language of the members of this community. Most of the children speak Kriol as their first language. Staff members recognise the students as English as a Second Language (ESL) learners and employ teaching strategies that meet their needs. All students have an Individualised Learning Plan (ILP) and Special Education Needs (SEN) reporting is used to convey student achievements to parents.

To find out more about Ngalapita School, visit our website or contact us at:
T: (08) 9191 7942