Ashdale Primary School (5786)

School Overview

We are an Independent Government School which caters for students from Kindergarten to Year 6. Ashdale Primary School strives to be a 'school of excellence'. We recognise the need to foster the whole child and to create a safe, nurturing learning environment.

At our school, highly skilled and experienced teachers work together to focus on maximising the learning outcomes for all children. Our staff members are constantly investigating ways to improve teaching and learning programmes through research, data analysis and professional learning. We have developed whole school, evidence based approaches to teaching to ensure that all students achieve to the best of their ability. Teachers recognise the important contributions that parents make to support each child's learning journey and work alongside families to best meet the needs of every child. Ashdale Primary School recognises that children are individuals with differing strengths and needs. Our staff identify and assist children who would benefit from extension and remediation. As part of our commitment to catering for the needs of all children we also offer a specialised Literacy Intervention Programme for students who require additional support. This ensures that all children feel confident, challenged and successful.

Our staff are professionals who have the dedication, commitment and skills to help all children to learn. We have high expectations and endeavour to engage all students in teaching and learning programmes through cooperative learning approaches. This also supports the children to develop the necessary skills to work independently and collaboratively into the future.

In addition to our effective curriculum based programmes, we have developed a whole school Virtues Programme. This explicitly teaches children about qualities such as courtesy, responsibility, compassion and honesty, acknowledging when children demonstrate these traits in the classroom and playground.

Ashdale Primary School opened in 2005 and as a result has modern, technology embedded facilities. Classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and the school is well resourced with iPads and laptops for student use. Students from Year 4 upwards participate in the iPad 1:1 programme which provides them with the opportunity to use this technology seamlessly across learning areas.

Children who attend Ashdale Primary School benefit from the expertise of specialist teachers in the areas of Music, Science, Visual Arts, LOTE (Italian) and Physical Education. Throughout the year there are a variety of opportunities to participate in sporting and musical/performance events with other local schools. A central hub of our school is our vibrant and expansive library which promotes reading for enjoyment and inquiry.

This year has seen the completion of our expansive new nature playgrounds which have been designed in collaboration with leading experts to create further opportunities for children to learn and play in inspiring outdoor environments. In addition, our community garden enables the children to participate in art, nature and science based learning experiences in collaboration with parents and community members.

Ashdale Primary School has students from a diverse range of backgrounds and this has created a culturally rich school community. Teachers embrace opportunities to incorporate aspects of culture into classroom activities, making links to our children's home lives. All students are encouraged to share and be proud of their heritage through whole school events such as our annual Harmony Day celebrations where we showcase our community's diversity through multicultural performances.

Ashdale Primary School is committed to collaborating with other schools to continuously improve school practices and approaches. As part of the Ashdale cluster of schools, we work alongside three local primary schools and high school to maximise teacher expertise and effective resource utilisation.

In 2014 Ashdale Primary School was selected as a Teacher Development School for its capability to support educators from other schools across the state in their implementation of Education Department policies and initiatives. In 2018 we offer support to other schools in the areas of the technologies curriculum and the implementation Special Education Needs resources and approaches.

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