Harmony Primary School (5785)

School Overview

Harmony Primary School is an Independent Public School with a reputation in the community as being an outstanding school, catering for the individual needs of every student - academically, physically, creatively, socially and emotionally.

Harmony PS began commenced operation in 2004 and has a student population of 622 from Kindergarten to Year 6. A majority of our students move onto Year 7 at Atwell College, which is walking distance from our school. Harmony Primary School is a unique school in that it has been specifically designed to meet sustainability principles and operates within our community developed Sustainability Charter.

We achieve a high standard academically and strive to provide a holistic education, with a focus on students and teachers pursuing personal excellence. The strong community and parental support at Harmony contributes to exemplary student achievement.

Our dedicated and professional staff provide a balanced educational program with a focus on each student achieving their personal best in the vital skills associated with Literacy and Numeracy. Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS), Science, Design and Technology, Music & Visual Arts, Physical Education and Health and Japanese are taught across the school. A number of enrichment programs are made available to extend students across a wide range of areas. These include The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen and Garden Program, the Voice Festival, choir, an annual theatre production, a student leadership program, interschool and state sporting programs, instrumental music and visual arts extension.

Our modern facilities include attractive teaching and learning areas, an extensive library, up to date computer equipment and well-resourced science and technology areas.
With interactive whiteboards integrated into every classroom, iPads used as a learning tool from Kindergarten to Year 3 and a one on one laptop program from Year 4 to 6, we are committed to integrating digital technologies to enhance learning.

Harmony Primary School is also a Teacher Development School for HASS supporting other teachers across the state to develop their expertise in the teaching of HASS.
Harmony Primary School is committed to continuing to develop as a professional learning community where there is:
* a culture of ensuring students learn and improve,
* a culture of collaboration and cooperation, and
* a focus on results evidenced through data.

The Harmony Primary School Business Plan 2017 - 2019 (http://www.harmonyps.org.au/) outlines for all the community our vision for the future, the directions and overarching strategies we will take and our commitment to achieving these objectives. It has been created in collaboration with the Harmony Primary School Board, the Parents and Citizens Association and the staff of Harmony Primary School. The Business Plan will be continuously reviewed to ensure our efforts continue to be directed towards areas of need to improve student outcomes.