Dalyellup Primary School (5779)

School Overview

Dalyellup Primary School is located in Dalyellup Beach Estate, some 12 kilometres south of Bunbury in the south west of WA. The school was established in 2001 as a school in shops as part of an innovative plan by the Education Department to fast track a Primary School in the estate. The school caters for approximately 840 students from Kindergarten to Year 6, and is part of the Dalyellup Independent Public Schools Cluster, consisting of Dalyellup Primary School, Tuart Forest Primary School and Dalyellup College. Our school is staffed by experienced teachers, administration and assistants. The Staff are dedicated in their approach to education and to working as a member of a collaborative team in order to meet the needs of every student. Loyalty and teamwork are strong features of our staff. The school has a strong focus on Literacy, Numeracy and Learning Technologies.

Our reputation as a school of choice attracts enquiries for enrolment from all over the world, both for students and teaching positions. Our student numbers are large enough to enable us to offer a wide and rich array of specialist learning programs, including Physical Education, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Music, and Mandarin as a specialist language. We also employ specialist staff to offer Talented and Gifted programs and programs to assist students with learning difficulties. We pride ourselves on the high standards of behaviour and safety that exists at Dalyellup Primary School. Collectively, as a school and in partnership with the community, we continue and build on this very high standard.

When you join our school community you will quickly become acquainted with the quality and richness of programs that are designed to meet your child's needs. Our school values of fairness, respect and safe practices are used in our everyday dealings with each other (colleagues, students and parents) and in the development of our programs and policies. These values form the purpose of our school and the foundation for ensuring the best school environment for all members of our community.

At Dalyellup Primary School, it's our ethos to provide outcomes focused learning environment where all students are encouraged to achieve their full potential whilst fostering core values of our community. With modern facilities that includes unique open plan learning communities with multimedia teaching facilities, comprehensive library facilities, music/performing arts room, specialist art and craft room, outdoor sheltered assembly area, multi-purpose oval and sporting hard courts, Dalyellup Primary School has all your child's needs covered.

Discover more about Dalyellup Primary School by visiting us at: www.dalyellupps.wa.edu.au

Dalyellup Primary School Contact Details:

Dalyellup Primary School
14 Hartog Road
Dalyellup WA 6230

P.O. Box 679
Bunbury, WA

Phone: 9795 2999

Fax: 9795 2900