Geographe Primary School (5775)

School Overview

Geographe Primary School sees itself as a school of the future, because that is our role and focus: preparing our students for the future. Everything we do has this in mind.

Our Vision is 'Toward Future Horizons', and currently our mantra is 'Every Child, Every Day - ensuring all children's brains are working, and all children are challenged.'

So what does this mean our students might be doing? In their classrooms, they will be learning in groups or individually, depending on what the subject is and sometimes, where they choose to sit, stand or even lay! Our classrooms look a little different as we incorporate Flexible Learning Spaces, designed to allow students some choice in how and where they learn. At times however they will be working as a whole-class group, because we have a balance of explicit (formal or directed) and student-centred (more open or informal) learning.

They might be learning about the parts of the human brain, how it functions, and how to care for the brain and help its development. In Year 2 and Year 5, they will even cut up a real brain (A sheep's brain, not a human one!).

They might be sitting with their class in a circle, taking part in a philosophy community of inquiry, part of the Geo Way whole-school approach.

They may be in one of our specialist classrooms, learning music, visual art or science and technology with our experienced and skilled specialist staff, or outside in a physical education lesson.

They may be working with one of the class sets of iPads or Macbooks provided by the P&C, perhaps on-line, or producing their work in another medium such as a construction, model, diagram or just an old-fashioned exercise book.

At times, they may leave their classroom for a short while to attend one of our Intervention programs (Speech, 'Zoom' literacy, Maqlit or Maths Mastery if relevant); or one of our half-day programs for Gifted and Talented and High Achiever (which we call GATHA) students.

In the playground, they may be playing at one of our several play equipment stations, digging in a sandpit, running around the oval, riding a bike around our BMX bike track, or sitting at one of our covered outdoor seating units taking with friends.

Whether they are inside or outside, they will from time to time receive a reward token, or just a positive comment, from a staff member who has acknowledged them doing the right thing and demonstrating one of our four expectations: Be a Learner, Be Respectful, Be Safe, Be Caring.

The tokens can be placed in the draw for a prize such as Pizza with the Principal, extra recess time for his/her class, or a canteen voucher. Everyone cares for and about each other at Geographe. The agreed expectations are clear, it is rare to see an example of someone behaving otherwise.

Geographe Primary School is an exciting place. Visitors often remark on how positive the place feels, and how happy and friendly everyone, including students and staff, appear to be.

Everything we do has as its guiding principle, preparing our students for the future, beyond primary school. At the same time, we like to have some fun and enjoy our successes.

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